Sales Contract


    • BUYER

The information given during the purchase order is considered as the BUYER information.


Title: GreenLake San. ve Dış Tic. Ltd. Şti.

Address: Akar Cad. I Towers Rezidans No: 3/46 Şişli İstanbul

E-mail Address: [email protected]


The subject of this Contract is to determine the mutual rights and obligations of the Parties hereto as per the provisions of the applicable regulations and applications related to the sales/ purchase and delivery of the product(s) with the below stated properties and the sales price ordered by the BUYER via the electronic environment via the website of the SELLER.


Products: The GreenLake Software verified and downloaded by the BUYER from the SELLER’s website.

Payment terms: Transferred with credit card or debit card with a 3D security system.

Invoice address: The address specified by the BUYER on the GreenLake’s website.

    • All sales are made to persons over the age of 18. Persons under 18 need to have the involvement of a parent or guardian.


  • The BUYER accepts she/he has knowledge by reading about the basic specifications of the product, sales price and payment terms and gives confirmation in electronic environment.


  • The product subject to the contract shall be downloaded by the BUYER right after approval of the contract and other terms and conditions and successful payment.


  • To download the product, this contract should be electronically accepted by the BUYER and the payment should be done by the BUYER. The SELLER is not responsible for delivery if the payment is not done or cancelled in bank records.


  • The BUYER shall solely be responsible and liable for use of GreenLake’s Software and the consequences arising out of its use.



The BUYER is entitled to use her/his right of withdrawal from the Contract by returning the products without any legal or penal liability and without any justification therefore within 30 (thirty) days following downloading of the products.  For any use of right of withdrawal, it is required to send a notice to the SELLER with registered mail with return receipt, fax or e-mail within 30 (thirty) days following downloading of the products.

The SELLER, within 10 days from the receipt of the notice of withdrawal, shall deliver the total price and the documents establishing commitment/ debt on the BUYER.

    • The information regarding the sales of the tickets, shall be recorded by the SELLER and in case of any discrepancy, the records of the sale shall be submitted to the related establishments and departments.


  • The SELLER is not responsible from price and content errors which may occur due to the string and system errors on the web site owned by the SELLER.


  • The BUYER hereby accepts, acknowledges and undertakes that he will act according to all the terms included in the Contract herein, the Usage Terms and all the conditions on the web site, during the usage of the latter and also to the explanations provided on the web site and all the current regulations, otherwise he will incur every kind of legal, penal and financial liability which may arise due to usages infringing the said notifications and laws.

The BUYER will be deemed as accepting all the terms of the contract herein, together with the payment of the order given over the web site, after the acceptation and approval of this contract and the contract will be hereby enforced. The BUYER hereby accept, declares and undertakes that he owns accurate and complete information regarding the type of service subject of this contract, the sales price, the type of payment, the right of withdrawal from the contract and all the rights and liabilities arising from the contract and that also he has not any objections. 

SELLER : GreenLake San. ve Dış Tic. Ltd. Şti.


BUYER : As given in the order


DATE : Order date